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At The Source Audio Video we strive to provide the best in all our product assortments and services.

From Headphones to 2 Channel Audio, Home Theaters and Automation.

We provide high quality audio and video equipment in all price ranges.

We Master the Art of Designing your dreams! We bring the artist into your living room for a live performance, we can create the movie experience that will embarrass the high end public theaters.

Together with you, your ears, your eyes and your budget, our specialists help you design your new Home cinema, your new Audio system or you new Headphone rig.

Our mission is to provide the best in customer service and expertise. We teach you how best to create your goals.

Conveniently located 20 minutes from LAX, 40 minutes from Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. 40 minutes from Newport Bch. Come visit SoCal’s only 10,000 square foot audio video showroom.

No time to pass-by? No problem, our specialists ears have listened to all our gear and can help you find the product you need. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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I was looking to buy a new DAC amplifier for my Utopia headphones, after contacting some manufacturers I contact the Source as my local dealer. Jason immediately asked me what sound signature I was looking for and what components I was using in my rig. He invited me over to Torrance to listen to the by myself selected components and advised me to listen to things I wasn’t even considering. His sound advice was spot on an together we designed my dream headphone rig. Listening to it while writing this review and in the 7th heaven. Thank you Jason, you really master the art of design.

Bart Goyens, San Diego


Looking for
  • A pair of IEM’s, over ear headphones, bookshelf speakers or full range floor standing speakers?
  • A new TV or a home cinema with surround and projector?
  • A turntable or a digital streamer or digital audio player?
  • A headphone amplifier or a 2,000 Watt monster to feed your speakers?
You’ll guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our extensive collection of products.


Over 60 brands to Design Art:

McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Chord Electronics, Boulder, Focal, Quad, Marrantz, Denon, Moon by Simaudio, Sony 4K, Sony ES, JL Audio, EAT, Dr. Feikert, Clearaudio, Creston, Kaleidescape, Kimber Kable, Nordost, Wireworld, Wy Wires, Tributaries, Ultimate Ears, Jerry Harvey Audio, Audeze, Woo Audio, Mr. Speakers, Questyle, Shanling, Aurender, Astell & Kern, Isotek, Richard Gray, Furman, Amps And Sound, Sennheizer and many more…


NO time to pass-by our beautiful store in Torrance, Califronia?
NO worries.
Looking to build, extend or improve your headphone rig?
Looking for a cable update in your main system?

You've come to the right place! You can design your new & improved system based on our extensive product descriptions from the comfort of your own home with just one click.
We offer a large selection of products from the likes of Chord Electronics, Focal, Mr. Speakers, Audeze, Astell & Kern, Sennheiser, Kimber Kable, Nordost, Aurender and many more in our Personal Audio Store.