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HeadAmp - Blue Hawaii Special Edition Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

Color: Satin Champagne
Polished Black
Satin Black
Polished Silver
Satin Grey
Polished Blue
Satin Blue
Polished Purple
Satin Purple
Satin Champagne
Satin Red

Blue Hawaii SE is the flagship product of HeadAmp and based on over a decade of experience building electrostatic headphone amplifiers, it is intended not only to power the toughest headphone loads on the market, but to do so for a lifetime. No cost has been spared in the design and construction of the Blue Hawaii SE, and every amplifier is widely tested throughout the construction phase as well as after the construction phase. And after a long burn-in phase to guarantee the highest possible output.
Blue Hawaii SE is accessible with two choices for Audio control. The first is a 24-level step attenuator, offering a perfect matching channel at every possible point of volume. For those who want infinitely granular volume control, we offer the ALPS RK50 potentiometer, the highest-grade part of its kind, which gives you the freedom to set the volume just so, without compromising sound quality.
There are also two choices for legs on the Blue Hawaii SE. Precisely machined and completed aluminum spike legs match the accent color of the front panels and pipe rings and are consistent with multiple audiophile insolation systems. We also give a collection of rubber legs with distinct insulation features and a non-marine option for sensitive surfaces.