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The experts at The Source will review your needs, your home or business and your budget to provide you with the most appropriate equipment at a cost that works for you.

Large systems, small systems and everything in between…The Source does it all. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners, contractors, architectural firms and businesses so we have the experience required to dial in a system that is exactly what you want. We spec the equipment so you can be sure that everything is the finest quality and all the components work together to provide the best experience possible.

In addition, we will work with your contractors to seamlessly integrate your equipment and control systems. We’ll show you how to make complex equipment easy and fun to use!

The Source's CEDIA Certified installers will get your equipment in the right way! No wires hanging on the walls, no funky connections that come loose… just top-notch equipment installed properly! With today’s modern equipment, proper installation and setup is vital–if its not done properly, your system won’t work right. We stay on top of the latest developments and are constantly training to keep up with changes and improvements to the products we sell.

Smart Homes are the wave of the future. The Source can show you how to automate almost anything in your house or business– your lights, HVAC, pool and jacuzzi, intercom system, security system, audio and video distribution throughout the house, and of course, your home theater. On the road? Ask us how we can give you all that control at your fingertips regardless of where in the world you might be. If you have an internet connection, you can control your systems from anywhere! The Source is proud to use such excellent products as Crestron, Universal Remote, and Niles to make home automation a breeze.

Make it easy for everyone in your family or business to use your equipment to the fullest…automate!


It’s not enough just to get great gear-you need great gear that works well together in your home and in your lifestyle. The Source will design and engineer the perfect system for your home, your life and your budget. From products like the best of wire manufactures to Audio/Video manufactures. The Source A/V Design Group will make sure all systems work in concert with each other to perfection! Installation: Our CEDIA Certified Installers are manufacturer and CEDIA trained to insure you will get your new equipment in the right way to maximize performance and pleasure! Clean, neat and professional jobs are our trademark.


Automate your home to add convenience and a real ‘WOW’ factor. We can automate everything from very simple AV setups to your entire home including security, HVAC, pool, jacuzzi, intercom systems, distributed audio and video, drapes and shades.


At The Source A/V Design Group we understand that service is important. We pride ourselves on fast professional service. Even if you need our serivce to repair another companies installation or products, you’ll experience our quality standards in all aspects of our service and repair.