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Dan Clark Audio - E3

Dan Clark Audio - E3  (Pre-Order)

E3 is Dan Clark Audio’s complete redesign of the iconic Ether C Flow closed-back headphone

E3’s striking black and blue design aesthetic, ergonomic shape, and Gorilla Glass 3 clad cups are just a taste of the the exciting upgrades to our midrange lineup.

E3 is a closed-back headphone that delivers DCA’s signature open-back listening experience with all the benefits of closed-cup isolation. E3s superb isolation creates an inky-black background that highlights the incredible realism created by the combination our patent-pending Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) and all-new 5th generation driver. The result is a superbly smooth tonal experience, rich in detail, with  a huge, wide-open soundstage free of any sense of “cup."

Altogether E3 delivers the kick of mule when called upon to rock, yet teases out the finest nuances of your most detailed recordings.

Naturally E3 is as comfortable as DCA’s other headphones. DCAs acclaimed self-adjusting headband and ergonomics simply make extended listening a joy. 

We’ve gone all-in with E3 to deliver the most exciting possible sonic experience, regardless of price, and combined that with an exciting new look and attention to comfort that make E3 the most exciting headphone we’ve released to date.

Equally satisfying with all genres of music, E3s soundstage, punchy bass, silky midrange, utterly smooth highs, and layers of detail will keep you engaged for days on end. Never fatiguing the E3 will have you revisiting your entire music library to experience your music like never before. The E3 is just too much fun! 

Feature Set Includes:

*  Weight : 455gr
*  Impedance : 27ohms
*  Sensitivity : ~90 dB/mW
*  Frequency response : Yes, it has one
*  Distortion : <0.1% ref 80dB White Noise

Distortion <0.1% ref 80dB White Noise