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Sonus faber - Sonetto VIII G2

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Color: Wenge
Gloss Black

Sonus faber - Sonetto VIII G2  (PRE-ORDER)  (In Store Only)

The first to incorporate acoustic technologies specifically developed for Sonus faber’s groundbreaking Suprema system in the new Sonetto G2 series. The internal cork chamber, as featured in the Sonetto V and Sonetto VIII G2 models. Designed to be purely organic in shape and devoid of regular interior walls. Also has the feature of the Camelia Midrange Speaker, left unpainted to ensure 100% sound purity and featuring an organic basket and a Phase Plug made of aluminum for smooth frequency response and clarity, both on and off axis. Featuring a unique floral pattern that not only adds a visual touch of elegance but also helps reduce interference and increase linear range.

Has the signature lute shape optimizing sound dispersion. The wood cabinet has been further enhanced with a new concrete base, providing superior stability and better vibration management for impeccable sound performance. The woofer features a paper pulp sandwich cone for precise and dynamic bass response, paired with an organic basket for optimal air flow. Motors include aluminum demodulation rings to improve linearity. Sonetto V and VIII G2 models feature Down-firing Reflex ducts.

Equipment Sold Seperately:

Feature Set Includes:

  • Mid-High unity flange wrapped in leather (inspired by Olympica Nova and Stradivari)
  • 45° angle top wood finish Metal finished rings around all drivers
  • Single driver dust grills
  • High-end quality drivers: Tweeter: 1,1" DAD™ Arrow Point extended frequency tweeter, Copper shorting ring
  • 1x 6,5" Camelia Midrange,  Copper shorting ring
  • 2x 8" woofer, Aluminum demodulation ring
  • Crossover Points   :   350 & 2500 Hz
    Frequency Response (-3dB)   :   33 - 40000
    Sensitivity @2V83   :  90dB
    Nominal Impedance   :   4Ω
    Recommended Amplifier Power   :   50 - 400 W