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Clarus Cable - Crimson MKII Series Bi-Wire Speaker Cable 10ft.


Clarus speaker cables are engineered in a flat configuration. In typical round speaker cables the plus & minus are twisted together causing phase distortion to the audio signal. In flat speaker cable design the plus & minus conductors are in a parallel configuration. This design removes phase distortion & improves sound quality, plus imaging. Clarus speaker cables are made with PCCC, the purest copper, extruded into 3 distinctly different optimized conductor types. Conductors for Bass, Mid-range & High-Frequencies. Each conductor type is insulated to minimize inter-conductor interference resulting in an audio signal that is open & transparent with improved clarity, detail & tonal balance. The inclusive large gauge conductors lower the cable’s resistance while providing higher current capability which results in an increase in dynamics & improves the low frequency performance. Lowering the inductance & resistance makes it easier for the amp to drive the signal down the cable. Sonically, the sound is smooth & fluent as well as more dynamic.

Cable Features:
* PCCC - 12awg
* Multiple Solid Bass Conductors
* Single Flat Conductor for Midrange
* Multiple Spiral Ribbon for Treble
* All Conductors Insulated

Many Lengths Available: Multiple Terminations:
* Standard Lengths Of 6, 8, 10, & 12 Feet
* Custom Lengths Available
* Banana
* Spade