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Focal Clear MG Headphones Presented by TSAV with HD800s and HEDD Audio HEDDphone impressions

Focal Clear MG Headphones Presented by TSAV

Hi friends, in this video, I will share my impressions of the Focal Clear MG. This video will focus on the build quality, design, and sound impressions about the Focal Clear MG. Subscribe today for more videos on other personal audio products I will also compare them from a sound perspective to theSennheiser HD800s,HEDD Audio HEDDphone, and the Focal Stellia. We will also discuss some synergistic amp pairings for the Focal Clear MG.

We hope you enjoyed this video and consider subscribing today to our YouTube Channel for many more future videos and live streams. If you are in the greater Los Angeles region come down and see us at our 10,000 Sqft showroom in Torrance, California to demo many headphones, speakers, amplifiers, digital-analog converters, Home Theater Systems, Televisions, Projectors, and more!

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