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Hedd Audio - Heddphone


A New Chapter in Headphone Technology.

HEDD is proud to introduce the first full range Air Motion Transformer (AMT) headphones to audio enthusiasts & recording artists worldwide. The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is an electrodynamic transducer that allows to move air significantly faster than the common voice coil, magnetostatic (planar) or electrostatic systems. Their traditional piston-like movement is overcome by a folded diaphragm that pushes out air 4 x faster: A breakthrough for playing back more details in a musical recording.

Thirty years ago HEDD CEO & Chief Engineer Klaus Heinz designed the first compact & marketable AMT tweeter based on Oskar Heil’s original Air Motion Transformer invention. Since then he has increased its sonic quality in several fundamental revisions. The 2019 version of the AMT can be heard in HEDD´s innovative Series ONE studio monitor line.

Recently Heinz has focused on developing a full range Air Motion Transformer to break new grounds for this superior transducer principle. In order to replicate the complete audible frequency band (& beyond), the HEDDphone® incorporates VVT® (pat. pending). VVT® introduces a new diaphragm geometry that expands the AMT principle to a linear full range (10Hz–40kHz) headphone transducer. It replaces the fixed geometric structure of conventional AMT drivers as the folds alter both in width & depth.

It introduces a 4th transducer technology. It brings the enormous dynamic capabilities & the superior sonic resolution of the AMT principle to the world of top-end headphones. HEDDphone® excels where it really matters: in accurate, untamed, & touching music reproduction. 

Technical Data

• Open over ear headphone
• Full-range Air Motion Transformer with VVT® Technology
• Up to 3 times the diaphragm size compared to conventional drivers
• Efficiency: 87 dB SPL for 1 mW
• Impedance: 42
• Weight: 718 g
• Mini-XLR Connector, high quality 6,3mm single ended 2 m cable included • Custom artificial leather earpads
• Hand-built in Berlin, Germany