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Yamaha - HA-L7A

Yamaha - HA-L7A  (Pre-Order Only)

Flagship Headphone Amplifier with Built-in DAC

A fusion of superior Hi-Fi audio technologies with Sound Field advancements from AV receivers, the Yamaha HA-L7A headphone amplifier elevates the sound of your favorite content to the highest level.


Our passion to constantly innovate has helped Yamaha achieve new sonic heights for over 30 years, including creating some of the most revolutionary Hi-Fi components the audio world has ever seen. This passion continues in headphone technology. Striving for the ultimate in True Sound, we've crafted a groundbreaking headphone amplifier with breathtaking performance. Introducing the HA-L7A high-end headphone amplifier. Dive in, immerse yourself and experience the full emotion and excitement in all your entertainment.

The HA-L7A minimizes even the subtlest noise while achieving a high-slew rate - essential for ultra-high-resolution - and ensures even the most delicate signals are handled with precision. As a result, every sound, from instruments to vocals and dialogue, is reproduced authentically without any unnatural coloration or timbral changes.


The HA-L7A features the same Yamaha CINEMA DSP Sound Field creation technology incorporated into many of our AV receivers. The unit also utilizes the unique signal processing and multi-channel expansion technologies Yamaha has developed and cultivated over its many years of designing AV components. One of the HA-L7A's many stunning features is the built-in Sound Field mode. Adopting six convenient options that reproduce the optimal sound for music, video, and other specific sources, Sound Field lets you enjoy all kinds of entertainment content with a full sense of realism and immersion that takes headphone listening into uncharted sonic territories.

Feature Set Includes:

  • Patented Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier technology optimized for headphone listening
  • ESS Technology ES9038PRO for superior sonic quality
  • Bifilar winded, designated toroidal transformers for front stage processing and second stage amplification
  • 6 Sound Field modes for a more immersive experience playing any content
  • Pure Direct mode to pass through the most subtle nuances in the music
  • 5 solid metal feet for exceptional stability and vibration suppression
  • Elegant design with a highly rigid construction and a brilliant OLED display