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Woo Audio - WEE Dynamic to Electrostatic Converter

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The WEE (Woo Audio Electrostatic Energizer) is a high-end electrostatic headphone converter for your dynamic (non-electrostatic) speaker amplifier. This highly efficient transformer converts your power amplifier's output to drive STAX electrostatic headphones; the sound quality is entirely dependent on the quality of the connected power amplifier. WEE is highly efficient, any 3-watt speaker amplifier is able to drive any STAX headphones effortlessly. A switch on the WEE lets you conveniently select between headphones or speakers listening.

  • Ideal for entry-level electrostatic headphones

  • Not recommended for STAX SR-007 MKII or SR-009S headphones. These are STAX’s best headphones, please consider GES, WES or 3ES (dedicated electrostatic amplifier) for the best sound quality.

  • Min. 3w loudspeaker amplifier is required

  • Stax and speaker output switching

  • Dual Stax headphone output

  • Wired for 5-pin Pro-bias (6-pin socket used), normal-bias available on request

  • Gold plated speaker terminals

  • RF insulator

  • Speaker amplifier input: >= 3 watts

  • Frequency response: 15 Hz - 26 KHz, -3dB

  • Voltage: AC 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz

  • High efficient output transformers

  • Anodized aluminum chassis

  • External dimension: 12"(W), 8½(D), 3.75"(H)

  • Weight: 13 lbs

  • Designed and assembled in New York, USA