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SPL - Crossover

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Color: Black

SPL - Crossover

Finally an analog crossover again

It is difficult to optimally integrate bass loudspeakers or subwoofers.
At present, there are almost only digital crossovers for this purpose.
But who wants to convert back to digital in an analog high-end playback chain?
Our Crossover sets the crossovers anew.

Crossing over

The crossover is divided into two sections: The Low section for the bass loudspeaker or subwoofer (mono or stereo) and the Mid-Hi section for the top/main speakers.

The crossover frequencies for Low and Mid-Hi can be set individually from 50 Hz to 120 Hz in 6 positions.

The Low filter has a slope of 24 dB per octave. The slope of the MID-HI filter can be switched from 12 dB to 24 dB.

Good ol' times

Two mechanical VU meters visualize the input levels for the left and right audio channel.

With the VU switch you can optimize the display for different signal levels.