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Fifty years ago, SAE's first component (the MKII stereo amplifier) rearranged the amplifier world's power structure. Per Stereophile, a pair of MKII's had sweeter highs & dramatically improved bass when compared to the industry's then acknowledged "best". Our latest (the dual-mono 2HP-D) repeats this experience.

Power so impressive, we can measure it in horsepower!

The revolutionary SAE 2HP-D amplifier is capable of over 746 watts or 1 horsepower per each fully differential “push/pull” channel @ 1kHz in its 5RU chassis. You have the option of rack mounting or freestanding.

It includes another SAE innovation. A remarkable digital display that offers hyper-accurate real-time information. In order to keep pace with the speed, accuracy, & responsiveness of the amplifier, the SAE engineers had to develop this fully electronic display to be faster, more responsive, & more accurate than existing analog equivalents.

The world-renowned engineers at SAE achieved an industry-leading>128dB of signal to noise ratio for one simple reason…at SAE we want you to hear your recordings…not the amplifier. The fully balanced, Class A/B SAE 2HP amplifier is designed, engineered, & manufactured in the USA.