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Pro-ject - X1B

Color: Gloss Black
Gloss Black
Satin Walnut
Gloss White

Pro-ject - X1B

Brothers in Arms – X1 B & X2 B Turntables

Our X1 and X2 turntables need no introduction. This award-winning pair have shown the audio world just how proper execution of basic principles in turntable design can amount to audiophile-caliber sonics affordably. Each attack the problems of isolation & resonance from multiple angles featuring height-adjustable TPE-damped aluminum feet, massive plinths of top-quality MDF, solid acrylic record platters & one-piece carbon-wrapped aluminum tonearm tubes with precision bearings. Their motors are also shielded, TPE-isolated and fed by the cleanest power delivered by Speed Box technology for push-button speed change and spot-on stability. Let’s review the differences…

Phono Preamp Not Included:

X1 B vs X2 B
∙ Effective tonearm length: 8.6″ / 9.0″
∙ Platter mass, thickness: 1.5kg, 20mm thick / 2kg, 30mm thick
∙ Overall mass, weight: 7kg, 15.43 lbs / 10kg, 22.05 lbs

Key Features
∙ Mini XLR balanced phono output
∙ 8.6″ carbon-wrapped aluminum tonearm
∙ Massive acrylic record platter
∙ Electronic speed changer & stabilizer
∙ Adjustable TPE-damped isolation feet
∙ Sumiko Rainier MM phono cartridge
∙ Adjustable arm height (VTA)