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McIntosh - 2M Speaker Cable (Spade)


The McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable (Spade) is designed to deliver uncompromising audio performance and durability. Engineered with McIntosh's renowned attention to detail, this cable ensures your audio signals are transmitted with the utmost precision, making it an essential component for any high-end audio system.

Build Quality and Design

Crafted with premium materials, the McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable features a rugged yet flexible outer jacket that protects the internal components from wear and tear. The spade connectors are gold-plated for enhanced conductivity and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a secure and stable connection. The cable's sleek design, highlighted with the McIntoshlogo, adds an element of sophistication to your audio setup.

Technical Design

The McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable incorporates high-purity copper conductors, essential for minimizing signal loss and ensuring maximum conductivity. Each conductor is meticulously engineered to maintain signal integrity, with individual insulation to reduce electromagnetic interference and cross-talk. The precise constructionensures the audio signal remains clean and unaltered from source to speaker.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 2 meters (approximately 6.6 feet)
  • Connectors: Gold-plated spade connectors
  • Conductors: High-purity copper
  • Insulation: Individually insulated conductors to minimize interference
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with high-performance audio systems

Sound Quality

The McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable guarantees exceptional sound quality by preserving the integrity of your audio signals. The high-purity copper conductors and superior insulation provide a transparent, noise-free signal, capturing every detail of your music. This results in a dynamic and immersive listening experience, with rich, detailed audio across the entire frequency spectrum.

Why Choose the McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable (Spade)?

The McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable (Spade) is perfect for audiophiles who demand the highest quality and performance from their audio connections. Its superior build quality, advanced circuit design, and exceptional sound performance make it an invaluable addition to any high-end audio system. Enhance your listening experience with the precision and clarity of the McIntosh 2M Speaker Cable (Spade).

*Cables are sold individually NOT in pairs