Marantz - MM8077


Designed to experience the ultimate in music & movie surround sound, the MM8077 7-channel power amplifier delivers power & detail. It is rated at 150w per channel into 8 ohms, and 180w per channel into 6 ohms.

The power supply features a high current toroidal power transformer along with high power (71WVDC) filter capacitors with a total of 100,000µF capacitance to easily handle sharp short-term transient peaks.

For maximum connectivity, the MM8077 features both unbalanced / RCA & balanced / XLR inputs. Plus each amp channel can be configured to use your choice of input type. The loudspeaker terminals feature audiophile-grade construction, and are gold-plated for maximum signal transfer, and they can easily handle a wide range of audiophile speaker cable connectors.