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Isotek - EVO3 Isoplug


Deploy IsoPlug around your home to stop differential mains noise created by personal computers, fridge freezers, microwave ovens, in fact, anything with a power supply. Simply plug into wall sockets next to these appliances for immediate effect.

Removes common mode and differential mode mains noise.
Shunts mains noise away from your sensitive audio components.
Can be deployed next to devices that create mains noise.
A useful and cost-effective way to upgrade a standard mains distribution block.
27,000 A of instantaneous protection.
LED indicator light.
IsoPlug is a versatile shunt filter system that goes across the live and neutral of the mains supply. It is easy to use and deploy around your home. Position IsoPlug next to components that create an increased amount of Differential Mode noise, these being computers, fridge freezers, telephone chargers, etc. It is also possible to upgrade a power distribution strip by plugging IsoPlug as the beginning.