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Focal - OD Sub 12

Color: Dark

Focal - OD Sub 12

External Burial Grade Subwoofer

OD Sub 12 brings Focal sound outdoors! Its 30 cm Iris IP diaphragm driver provides deep, powerful bass for your OD Sat 5 installation. Thanks to its built-in transformer and weather resistance, it can cover large spaces without loss of power and accompany you all year round in your garden, by your pool...

Focal Technologies

The Iris diaphragm driver delivers deep, powerful bass (400 W capable). It incorporates a transformer to extend the sound range with clarity and precision, without losing power. 


With its Light or Dark finish, and partially buried installation, OB Sub 12 blends into any environment. For even greater discretion, the height of the port is adjustable. It's the perfect complement to OD Sat 5 and OD Stone 8 loudspeakers.

Feature Set:

  • Product type : Outdoor bass box
  • Membrane :
    Iris IP
  • Woofer : 11.75" (30cm) woofer with Iris IP cone
  • Minimum impedance : 5 Ω
  • Recommened amplifier power : 50 - 300 W
  • Sensivity : 90 dB
  • Power in 100 V : Yes
  • Power in 70 V : Yes