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Focal - 300 ICLCR5


The 300ICLCR5 in-ceiling loudspeakers are made in France & are dedicated for residential use. This LCR (Left, Central, Right) loudspeaker is ideal for building an extraordinary Home Cinema set-up, in rooms up to 320 square feet.
This in-ceiling loudspeaker is perfect for very open-plan spaces without a nearby rear wall. 5 uses are possible: left & right front, center, or left & right surround channels.
These loudspeakers are equipped with Focal’s famous Flax cone woofer & a tweeter with an inverted dome to deliver perfect acoustics. The bass frequencies are controlled & articulated for an optimal fidelity. Flax cones produce an intelligible sound, ideal for movie dialogues.
The treble frequencies are very exact. Re-discover your favorite movies.
Thanks to the horizontally orientable mid-treble plate you can focus the sound on the listening point. The mid's & tweeter levels are adjustable to perfectly fit the acoustic environment. The sealed cabinet provides the same level of performance wherever the product is installed.
The key quality of these new loudspeakers: Ease of installation & rapidity, with the patented EQI system (Easy Quick Install). No tools needed! These new products also meet the most essential criteria regarding use and installation: frameless, magnetic grilles, anti-vibration feet…