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Focal - 100 IWLCR5

Focal - 100 IWLCR5

D'appolito 2-Way Wall-Mounted Speaker

Thanks to its sound performance and compactness, this LCR (left, center, right) integrated speaker is the perfect complement for home theater use, but is also compatible with any room in the house. Its Appolito configuration, with the tweeter placed between two bass-midrange drivers, ensures high power handling and better directivity control. 


100 IWLCR5 features an adjustable inverted dome tweeter. Its 13 cm loudspeakers feature Polyglass diaphragms for excellent damping and well-defined midrange. Correctors are used to equalize high and mid frequencies, for an ever more appropriate acoustic response.


The loudspeaker can be used horizontally for Home Cinema installations. A three-position switch allows you to define the left, center or right function, to guarantee identical tonal balance at the listening point.

Feature Set:

  • Product type : 2 -way Appolito wall
  • Membrane :
  • Medium : 2x5" (13cm) Polyglass Midbass
  • Response at - 6dB (Low frequency point) : 43 Hz
  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB) :
    55 Hz - 23 kHz
  • Minimum impedance : 3.8 Ω
  • Nominal Impedance : 8 Ω
  • Recommened amplifier power : 25 - 120 W
  • Sensivity : 90.5 dB