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Final Audio - Sonorous II or III


Has a heavy music representation & a tremendous sound stage.

We think you will be surprised by the immense sound stage & the real, detailed instrumental sound. The 50mm dynamic driver unit with its ABS housing, was created with groundbreaking precision. This precision is demonstrated in the sound. All sounds in the music source are conveyed. You are bound to experience sounds in the music tracks that you are not used to hearing before.

A BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism that delivers bass tones & deep, 3-dimensional spatial reproduction.

A BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism engineered for balanced armature drivers has been utilized with a dynamic driver. With BAM, the idea is to optimize the pressure balance between the front & back of the diaphragm. To thoroughly follow through with this idea, SONOROUS II is sealed so that no air leaks from the inside of the housing.

Headphone Features:
* Housing : ABS
* Driver : 50mm Dynamic
* Sensitivity : 105dB
* Impedance : 16ohm
* Weight : 14.5 ounces
* Cord Length : 1.5 meters