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Equitech - 2R

Equitech - 2R (Son of Q Sr.)

Like father, like son, sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Similar to the Model Q, there is something unique about the Son of Q that distinguishes it from everything else.  In an audio component system, the most obvious difference is vivid low-end definition and midrange realism that broadens the sound stage and makes the listening environment seem much larger than it is.  Customers tell us that they perceive a much more realistic stereo image with finer detail and subtle nuance along with perfect phasing that places instruments on a stage in a way that rivals a live performance.  What it does for video is equally impressive.  Blacks become blacker without sparkles.  Brightly colored images retain more detail.  An unmistakable and dramatic improvement in the quality of sound and video of an A/V system defines the Son of Q.

Feature Set Includes:
*  Laod Capcity : 2 kVA
*  Input Line Frequency : 20A  120V  60Hz
*  10-15A Duplex Rec. / 2-20A Duplex Rec. (12 outlets)
*  Bifilar Wound Isolation Transformer
*  100% Passive Cicuitry
*  Magnetic and Faraday Shielding
*  Filtered Digital Equipment Outlets