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Equitech - 1.5RQ


Used by Elton John, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Herbie Hancock, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, Lenny Kravitz & Many More!

Equi=Tech has been making balanced power products since the early 90s, setting new standards in the field of balanced AC power. The Model Q, Equi=Tech’s flagship product, is the result of these many years of experience.

Anyone who believes that power quality isn’t an important factor in recreating exciting, realistic, and accurate sound is seriously mistaken. If you haven’t heard your sound system with a Model Q powering it, you are missing something truly great. You might just find yourself replaying all of your old music again and again; it’s as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity, and remarkable bass definition. Source components and amplifiers benefit equally the Model Q’s power. It also brings out the best in high definition audio/video components The Model Q is simply the most highly-refined, accurate, and effective power source on the planet. You owe it to yourself to see and hear why Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sony Records, JPL/NASA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and most every professional A/V production company has chosen Model Q technology for their sensitive components.

Feature Set Includes:

  • 15A Balanced Power Transformer  120V Input 120V Output 60hz
  • Features 12 Balanced Power Hubbell 20Amp Outlets 
  • Delivers superior isolation (>100dB CMR) from high frequency RF, EMI and nuisance harmonic currents.    
  • Upgraded Components & Digital Readout
  • Two Digitally  Filtered EMI/RF Outles to reduce up to 60% digital jitter  
  • Our proprietary “Q” transformers are designed to run acoustically silent and can be installed in any sensitive listening environment.
  • Helps your sensitive equipment last longer due to lack of exposure to harmonic distortions. 
  • Decades of field use without issue or malfunction. 
  • Assembled and hand wired in the USA  


Load Capacity:
1.5 kVA

Input Line Frequency:
15A 120V 60Hz

Line Cord Plug Chassis Inlet *:
NEMA 5-15 C14

Output Voltage:

Circuit Breakers:

# Outlets Type:
6 15A Duplex Receptacles (12 outlets)

Chassis Dimensions:

All units ship with rack ears.