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Equitech - 1.5R

Equitech - 1.5R


The Equitech Son of Q model has a 1500 Watt capacity and plugs into any standard 15-amp 120-volt wall outlet, providing world class balanced power isolating your audio from line noise and other problems with dirty power that can effect sound quality and noise floor.Son of Q has a simple yet elegant appearance. On the front panel there are 2 LED indicator lights, one above the input power switch and one above the output standby switch that monitor power status at the input and at the output of the unit. The input power LED doubles as a TVSS status light that indicates active surge protection when lit. On the back panel, there are 12 outlets provided. A GFCI outlet is independent from the front standby switch and is constantly left turned on for use with components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain memory. Of the 10 remaining outlets, 6 (white) are for analog components such as self-powered monitors, amplifiers, pre amps, crossovers etc. and 4 (gray) are specially filtered outlets for digital gear. A circuit breaker on the rear panel protects the system from overload and from potential short circuit fire hazards in electrical power cords and downstream connected equipment.


With two legs at an equal 180 degree difference, the effect created is Common Mode Rejection and cancels the differences between legs such as noise, hums, ground loops and other unwanted distortions that may affect your work. Plug your components in as before using the 1.5R and you’ll enjoy 100% balanced power of cleaner, pure 60Hz sine wave power.
The 1.5R is a level one performance option that allows a customer to provide a clean, balanced power infrastucture, at an affordable price.


Load Capacity:
1.5 kVA

Input Line Frequency:
15A 120V 60Hz

Line Cord Plug Chassis Inlet *:
NEMA 5-15 C14

Output Voltage:

Circuit Breakers:

# Outlets Type:
6 15A Duplex Receptacles (12 outlets)

Chassis Dimensions:

All units ship with rack ears.