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Clarus Cable - Aqua Series Hc Power Cable 12ft. (CAP-HC-120)


Clarus Power Cables are designed specifically for utmost noise limiting, to support a 50/60Hz low 60z60low frequency AC signal & to supply the current demands of audio equipment without any loss of dynamics. Noise rejection is critical & Clarus Power Cables rely on proprietary winding techniques & triple shielding to limit noise in the building’s grid as well as EMI egress & ingress thus obtaining the lowest noise floor for sensitive source components. Since line & neutral alternate back & forth sixty times per second, vibration isolation is critical. The power cables are designed with a specialized dielectric formula developed specifically to decrease AC vibrational noise.

Current capabilities for power cables are a major concern. Wire gauges must be sufficient so you don't starve the current. When only large conductors are used, a cable leans towards losing dynamics. To respond quickly to transients & prevent any loss of signal, Clarus Power Cables combines different sizes of large conductors.

* PCCC - 10awg
* Single Solid Heavy Conductor
* Multiple Sized Conductors to support dynamics & transients
* Alternating Twists
* Triple Shielded

Multiple Lengths Available:
* Available In 15A & 20A Terminations
* Standard Lengths Of 3, 6, & 12 Feet
* IEC (Termination)