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Final Audio - B2


Sound design with consideration to the connection between dimensional impression & dynamic range of the music, & physical attributes of IEM's & headphones. The clarity of vocals & each musical instrument is distinctly high with an immense presence & feeling of liveliness as if you are standing in the center stage of a live performance.

Through research into the connection between spaciousness, clarity & dynamic range of musical recordings (plus the physical characteristics of IEM's & headphones), we have learned that deeper pleasure of music can be attained through the target curves & driver design applicable to the sound design of music recordings.

The B2 is a model distinctly well suited to rich spatial recordings. It is well suited to classical music recordings that take sufficient advantage of the reflections & reverberation of a concert hall as well as live recordings to recreate the feeling of "being there". Moreover, the B2 utilizes an MMCX connector that makes it possible to switch cables in the event of a severed connection.

Headphone Features:
* Housing : Stainless Steel (Gunmetal Finish)
* Driver : 1BA
* Connector : MMCX
* Cable : OFC Black Cable
* Sensitivity : 109dB
* Impedance : 41ohm
* Weight : 1.1 ounces
* Cord Length : 1.2 meters