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Dan Clark Audio - Corina

Dan Clark Audio - Corina

Reference Electrostatic Headphone

Several years ago Dan Clark Audio entered the Electrostatic headphone market with the release of VOCE. Since its introduction, VOCE has won numerous awards for "Product of the Year" and "Best Headphone" from preeminent publications as Positive Feedback, Absolute Sound, Headphonics, and Headphone Guru.

But as usual the team at DAN CLARK Audio strives to continuously advance the performance of our products, and today we are proud to announce the CORINA Reference Electrostatic Headphone.

With our new CORINA Reference Electrostatic headphone Dan Clark Audio takes electrostatic musicality into a future of fun!

Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS)

Incorporating our Advanced Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) CORINA is our rst electrostatic headphone featuring our industry-leading Acoustic Metaamaterial Tuning System AMTS technology rst introduced with our groundbreaking Stealth and Expanse headphones. With AMTS, frequency response is signicantly smoother throughout the midrange and high frequencies, free of annoying “peaks and holes” for a smoother, more complete, accurate, and enjoyable listening experience.

New Voicing

New Driver Fabrication Process

In order to ensure the highest consistency between units, Corina’s 88mm driver is made with a new tensioning system which increases diaphragm tension and uniformity of tension for more consistent, better matched drivers. These drivers are then carefully matched to ensure excellent soundstage and imaging.

Ear Pad Matching

Multiple Comfort Enhancements

New Industrial Design