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McIntosh Charlie Randall Live Stream HiFi Hangout MHA200, C12000 and MA12000 Presented by TSAV!

Hello Friends!

We are very excited to announce we will have Charlie Randall, Co-CEO of McIntosh Group and President of McIntosh Laboratory, Inc on our YouTube Channel with us this Friday the 25th at 12:30 pm PT or 3:30 PM ET for those of you on the east coast. We will discuss the MHA200 Headphone amplifier, the C12000 2-Channel Solid State and Vacuum Tube Preamplifier, the MA12000 2-Channel Hybrid Integrated Amplifier, and get to know Charlie and answer some questions from our live chat audience on YouTube. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please share this live stream page with friends you think would enjoy it!

Presented by The Source Audio Video Design Group.

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