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Focal Bathys Bluetooth headphones are luxurious, high-fidelity, active noise-canceling headphones that are built to impress. These headphones are made in France and feature an aluminum/magnesium "M"-dome speaker driver that is integrated with a USB-DAC, providing up to 24 bits and 192kHz in wired mode. 

In this article, we will review the design features, build quality, and sound quality of these headphones.

Build Quality

Starting with the build quality of the Focal Bathys Bluetooth headphones, they use active noise canceling with two optimized noise-canceling modes: soft and silent. The headphones also offer a transparent mode, allowing the user to be connected audibly to the outside world. ANC can be selected via the headphones or the downloadable app. However, we found that the noise canceling feature is not one of the strongest points of the Bathys, and it would be good to see it improved via firmware updates from Focal. 

Voice Capture Microphone

The Bathys uses Clear Voice Capture microphone technology for phone calls using eight microphones. Phone calls on the Bathys sound pretty good, and we had no significant issues with being heard or hearing several people we spoke with on the phone. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Hey Siri are just a button push away, and Hey Siri worked great for us.

Headphone Specs

According to Focal, the Bathys battery life is over 30 hours in Bluetooth with active noise canceling mode, 35 hours in jack mode, and 42 hours in USB DAC mode. With fast charging, the headphones can deliver five listening hours with a fifteen-minute charge. The Bathys uses 5.1 Bluetooth, with SBC, AAC, aptX, and Adaptive aptX for audio codecs. The frequency response of the headphones is 15Hz-22kHz with a THD of less than .2% at 1kHz. The weight of the Bathys comes in at 350 grams, making them heavier than some other Bluetooth headphones they compete with.

What's Included?

The Bathys comes with a carrying case, a 4ft, 3.5mm connection, a 4ft USB-C cable for charging, and a quick start guide. Also included with the headphones is a free-to-download app that allows you to adjust a 5-band EQ, the different noise cancellation modes, the LED light settings on the headphones, and lastly, access online quick tips videos and info on the operation of the headphones. 

Focal Naim App

The Focal Naim app is basic, displaying battery life, the audio format used, and the features mentioned above. The app is a good start, but it could be better. We would love to see Focal add additional EQ adjustment options and some user control for ANC, as currently, the ANC on the Bathys isn’t able to be turned off and is always on no matter what mode you are listening in, nor does the ANC perform at the level of other Bluetooth headphones it competes with.


From a comfort perspective, the overall comfort of the Bathys is pretty good, and the clamping force isn’t overbearing. The pads are very comfortable with decent depth. However, if you have very large ears, you will likely find your ears touching. The headband, on initial use, gave us a bit of a hot spot when listening.

Still, after listening more and using the headphones more frequently, the hotspot became less of an issue. The headphones are not IPX rated, which is another miss, in our opinion, at their asking price. IPX 4 rating for some splash or sweat protection would have increased the value proposition of these headphones, especially for those of us who live in wet climates or want to utilize the Bathys during workouts.

Overall, we are reasonably satisfied with the build quality, portability, and comfort of the Focal Bathys headphones. 

Sound Impressions

Moving on to the sound quality of the Focal Bathys, it delivers an impressive sound signature with a balanced frequency response, clear mids, and punchy bass. The soundstage is wide and immersive, making it ideal for music lovers who want to experience every detail in their music.

The integrated USB-DAC provides a high-resolution audio experience, which is rare for wireless headphones. The DAC also enhances the overall sound quality when using the Bathys in wired mode, which is perfect for those who prefer wired connections.

The 5-band EQ in the app provides some customization options, allowing users to adjust the sound signature to their liking. However, some users may find it limiting, as it only offers basic adjustments.

In terms of comparison, the Bathys can compete with other high-end wireless headphones in terms of sound quality. However, it falls short in terms of noise-canceling performance compared to some of its competitors. The ANC on the Bathys is effective in reducing ambient noise, but it is not as powerful as some other headphones in the same price range.

The Focal Bathys is a great headphone for audiophiles who want to experience high-quality audio without compromising mobility. The sound quality is impressive, and the USB-DAC and 5-band EQ offer some customization options. However, the ANC performance could be improved, and the headphones could be more durable and waterproof to justify the price.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Focal Bathys Bluetooth, active noise-canceling Closed-Back Headphones are a solid addition to the wireless headphone market. The build quality, comfort, and sound quality are impressive, making it a great choice for music lovers who value audio quality and portability.

 However, the ANC performance could be improved, and the headphones could be more durable and waterproof to justify the high price. If you are in the market for high-quality wireless headphones, the Focal Bathys is definitely worth considering.

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