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Discover the Sonus faber OMNIA: A Wireless Speaker with Unparalleled Sound

Hello, audio enthusiasts! Today I'm thrilled to welcome you to this new chapter. We'll be exploring the exceptional OMNIA wireless speaker from our friends at Sonus faber. 

Get ready to uncover the ingenious design, top-notch build quality, and my personal sound impressions of this remarkable device.

Introducing Sonus faber

Before we delve into the wonders of the OMNIA, let's take a moment to learn about Sonus faber, the award-winning luxury speaker manufacturer based in Italy. Their dedication to crafting unparalleled audio experiences is evident in each meticulously hand-built speaker they produce. 

If you're fortunate enough to drive a newer Maserati, you may already be familiar with the luxurious car audio systems engineered by Sonus faber.

Build and Design

Now, let's turn our attention to the star of the show - the OMNIA wireless speaker. This high-fidelity masterpiece utilizes Sonus faber's groundbreaking CRESCENDO™ technology, incorporating advanced signal processing and seven top-of-the-line loudspeakers. The result? An astonishingly impressive soundstage that perfectly mimics the live performance and natural sound that Sonus faber is renowned for.

Through a clever combination of stereo signals, precise delay adjustments, and phase behavior modification, the OMNIA defies expectations by delivering a deeply immersive sound experience, usually reserved for larger setups. With a frequency range spanning from 30Hz to 25kHz, it encompasses the entire sonic spectrum.

At the heart of the OMNIA lies a robust 490-watt amplifier that powers its 4-way closed box system. The front features two .75” silk dome tweeters with Neodymium motor systems and two 3” paper pulp cone midrange drivers, delivering crystal-clear high and mid-range frequencies. The lower frequencies are expertly handled by a 6.5” long-throw aluminum cone woofer, strategically positioned in a down-firing configuration. This intelligent amalgamation of components and design enables the OMNIA to weigh in at a mere 17 lbs. and have compact dimensions of approximately 6 inches tall x 26 inches wide, with a depth of a little over 11 inches.

Sonus faber never compromises on design, and the OMNIA is no exception. Its top panel, called SENSO, features a beautiful tactile illuminated wooden design that adds elegance to any space. The included remote, which shares the speaker's stylish aesthetics, allows easy control of settings, including the option to dim or turn off the panel lights.

Setup and Connectivity

The OMNIA boasts a few convenient features to enhance the listening experience. Its web-based setup page allows for room placement customization, allowing users to choose between "near the wall" or "away from the wall" options. Furthermore, the CRESCENDO EQ and Loudness Maximizer settings can be toggled to tailor the sound according to personal preferences.

In terms of connectivity, the OMNIA leaves no stone unturned. Supporting Apple AirPlay, Chromecast, Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth, Roon Ready, Tidal Connect, and Spotify, it offers a seamless and versatile experience. Additionally, the inclusion of an HDMI Audio Return Channel input makes it ideal for use with compatible smart televisions, providing a straightforward connection without the need for an entire surround system or a typical sound bar.

Sound Impressions

Now, the question everyone's been waiting for - how does the OMNIA sound? In a word: incredible. The 490 watts of power provide an impressive volume range, and the OMNIA's soundstage extends far beyond its physical dimensions. Listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," the OMNIA showcased its dynamic, natural, and engaging qualities, with exceptional imaging and soundstage depth.

Melody Gardot's "If You Love Me" performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra left me in awe. The OMNIA's excellent vocal reproduction created a larger-than-life experience, making it ideal for both music and movie enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts 

The OMNIA is undoubtedly a remarkable addition to the world of wireless speakers, offering high-fidelity sound in a sleek and compact package.


However, while the web-based setup page is functional, a dedicated native app for Android and iOS would undoubtedly enhance the user experience. Furthermore, including customizable EQ settings would give users more control over tailoring the sound to their specific listening environment.

Who is the OMNIA for? If you're an audiophile seeking a seamless wireless solution without compromising on sound quality, the OMNIA is an exceptional choice. It's perfect for various spaces, from bedrooms and kitchens to lounges and TV rooms.

If you're curious about experiencing the OMNIA's magic firsthand, visit our 10,000 sqft. showroom, where we have the entire Sonus faber speaker lineup on display. Additionally, check out our trade-up program for an opportunity to upgrade your existing audio gear.

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Until next time, remember to let the music be your guide!

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