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Audio Research Corporation I/50 Integrated Tube Amplifier First Look TSAV

Audio Research Corporation I/50 Integrated Tube Amplifier First Look TSAV -

Hey guys, it is Marcello from TSAV! This will be a quick off-the-cuff video because we couldn’t wait to share some information about Audio Research Corporation’s I/50 integrated Tube Amplifier. A few weeks ago, Jason, the man the myth the legend and founder of TSAV, told me about an incredible integrated amp they got in. He was awestruck at how amazing it sounded, with even inexpensive speakers and sounding equally stunning with headphones. I had honestly never heard Jason glow like this about any product before, so I was immediately intrigued and wanted to get one into the house to see what his excitement was all about.

Well, I have had the I/50 in the house for about 48 hours now, and I can confirm Jason was spot on! This amplifier is going after the crown of best, an all-in-one integrated tube amplifier at this price tier and even besting boutique tube amplifiers I have heard above its asking price. With 50 watts per channel and a very high current design, the I/50 lights up my reference KEF LS50 Metas and Klipsch Heresy IV’s throwing the largest, tallest, deepest sound stage I have heard in my room yet! The midrange has some serious magic bringing vocals and strings to life in a way I have never heard before in my room.

The top end is well extended with incredible air. Imaging definition is class-leading and punches above its asking price and more expensive amplifiers I have heard. The bass is tight, well defined without ever sounding overdone, and if the track calls for the amplifier to dig deep, it does! So, all of this would immediately make it worth its asking price, in my opinion, but where it changes the game is how damn good it sounds with headphones too! Usually, there is a compromise with some tube amps I have heard in the past.

Either they sound very good with speakers or sound good with headphones, with unfortunately a higher noise floor when listening to headphones than some would like. All the same attributes the I/50 excels at with speakers it does as well with the headphones I have tried with it so far, with zero, I repeat ZERO noise floor. I have never heard the LCD-5, Meze Elite, or the HD800s sound this incredible before. I gotta get back to listening to the I/50 right now; it’s just that good.

I don’t want to stop listening, but I wanted to hop on camera really quick to tell you guys to get out to your local ARC dealer and give this tube amp a listen! If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, consider subscribing today. I will have a full video presentation of this amplifier and a live stream with Audio Research Corporation coming soon! See you guys on the next video!

Headphones and other Audio Gear in the Video or that we enjoy:

Meze Elite:

Audeze LCD5:

Sennheiser HD800S:

Chord TT2:

Chord Hugo2:

Chord 2go:

Chord Qutest:

Yulong Audio DA1 w/Power:

ampsandsound Agartha:

ampsandsound Nautilus:

GSX Mini Head Amp:

Meze Empyrean:

Meze Elite:


Audeze LCD-4z:

Audeze CRBN:

Audeze LCD-X:

Audeze LCDXC:

Audeze LCD-2:

Sennheiser HD660s:

Sennheiser HD560S

Focal Utopia:

FocalStellia :

Focal Clear MG:

Focal Celestee:

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