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Audeze MM-500 Headphones: Kendrick Lamar Approved

Conceived and refined in one of the world’s most acclaimed studios, the Audeze MM-500 are purpose-built headphones designed to deliver mixes that consistently translate and capture the emotion the artist intended. 

Lighter than our famous LCD-X, the MM-500’s sleek and sturdy chassis offers all-day comfort. Step up to the headphone used to mix Kendrick Lamar's #1 album"Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers" at Larrabee Studios: the Audeze MM-500.

What you get with the MM-500:

  • Specifically designed to deliver mixes that consistently translate well
  • Like near-field monitors, they remove your room from the equation and give you studio-quality sound anywhere in the world
  • Durable, lightweight chassis
  • Compatible with almost all audio interfaces or consoles
  • Designed in collaboration with award-winning producer/mixerManny Marroquin


When you purchase the MM-500, you receive Audeze’s standard black aluminum travel case, single-ended braided cable, Certificate of Authenticity, and Warranty Cards.

Includes: MM-500 Headphone | Braided Cable | Economy Travel Case | Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty Cards

What Makes the MM-500 So Special?

These headphones are perfect for a busy music producer traveling from city to city. The MM-500 brings you studio-quality audio wherever you go. You can continue to mix down your latest project on an airplane, in the car, or while sipping a margarita on the beach. 

Previously the Audeze LCD-X was the go-to for many creators in this space. However, the MM-500 boasts a lighter-weight design, new technology, and legendary insight from one of the most successful music producers in the audio game.

MM-500 Technical Specs

The MM-500 uses a Fluxor magnet array with Audeze’s Fazor phase management system. The magnet types of the MM-500 are N50 Neodymium with an Ultra-Thin Uniforce diaphragm with a 90mm transducer size.

-Capable of greater than 130db SPL

-Frequency response of 5Hz-50kHz 

-Less than .1% total harmonic distortion at 100dB SPL. 

-Sensitivity of 100 dB/1mw and has an 18-ohm impedance. 

Design of the MM-500 Headphones

The look and feel of these headphones are sleek and stylish.  They look very similar in design to the Audeze LCD-5. However, they trade in the acetate rings for grey metallic rings and a matching grey spring steel headband adorned with Manny’s initials.

The black and grey color scheme delivers a low-key aesthetic that will fit well with most people's color palette. An added benefit of the grey metal rings vs. the acetate rings is that fingerprints become much less of an issue. 

The ear pads of the MM-500 are bigger and plusher than the LCD-5 pads. This means the MM-500’s are comfortable and lightweight. 

If you want to try the MM-500 for yourself you can test them out in The Source AV store located on 3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101 in Torrance, CA. If you are ready to purchase the MM-500,shop our online store today!

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