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Audeze Euclid In-ear vs. Sennheiser IE 900 In-ear Presented by TSAV

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Today we look at the Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic In-Ear versus the Sennheiser IE 900 Dynamic In-Ear. This article will compare design features through quality comfort and my sound impressions. 

Build Quality

Both items are built very well with some key differences starting with one of the more noticeable design differences. 

The Euclid is a planar magnetic design with an ultra-thin uniform 80-millimeter transducer. In contrast, the IE 900 is a dynamic design based around a seven-millimeter true-response transducer, which allows each IEM to have its distinct unique quality of sound that we will get into during the center percussion section of the article. 

The Audeze Euclid is larger in both physical size as well as in weight. The Euclid weighs in around 15 grams per pair without the cable versus the eight grams for a pair of the Sennheiser IE 900 without the cable. So keep this in mind if weight will be a factor in deciding which in your might be a better fit for you. Keep in mind though, in traditional artistic fashion, the driver is also much larger on the Euclid more than double the size of the IE 900, and some of you may prefer the quality of sound that a larger driver creates regarding comfort and fit. 

The IE 900 is the more comfortable of the two IEMs for me with one caveat. While I appreciate the lightweight design, ergonomics, and excellent pair of aramid reinforced cables of the IE 900, I, unfortunately, didn't find any of the included ear tips to fit well in my ears. Whereas the Audeze Euclid includes a total of nine pairs of ear tips, three more pairs than the 900, I maintained a good seal with included form tips for the Euclid. 

However, your experience and the shape of your ears could be different for mine so this isn't a deal breaker and you can always get aftermarket tips if you have the same issue. 

The weight of the Euclid is more noticeable, but with the ability of the cable to wrap over the ears for support, I still felt they were comfortable for IEMs. 


Included Accessories

One other thing to mention as a consideration between these two products is the included accessories. The Euclid includes a more durable waterproof pelican case along with a Bluetooth cipher module for convenient listening on the go. The cables are very good on both offerings. But the IE 900 cables are a bit better due to their tangle-free design and the bendable earpieces allowing you to get the perfect fit. 

Sound Impressions

Okay, so let's get into some of my sound impressions listening to one of my oldest go-to tracks Friend of the Devil from the Grateful Dead. The IE 900 displays an expanse accurate and deeper soundstage compared to the Euclid. Jerry’s vocals are positioned closer to me when listening to the Euclid and the entire soundstage sounds more intimate and a bit congested on this track compared to the broader deeper more defined stage of the IE 900. 

The upper mid-range of the Euclid sounds to have a bit more energy in mid-bass than the IE 900, giving them a more energetic sound and warmer sound for vocals and some string instruments on this track. 

When listening to the IE 900 vocal sound a bit more neutral in their tone. The bass of the IE 900 is one of the best I have heard from any IEM, sounding tight, well-defined, and dynamic with ample quantity to appreciate any genre of music. 

The Euclid bass in comparison on this track sounds a bit more bloated in the bass regions. Overall the dynamics are more impressive from the IE 900 with the drums having a more visceral pop and thud with each hit as the band is playing.

There sounds to be more trouble present from the IE 900, which I noticed from the cymbals and snare drums when compared to the Euclid. I enjoyed both IEMs for this track, but from a sound perspective, I preferred the IE 900. 

The next track I listened to was Burning by Sam Smith. One of the first things I noticed was how the IE 900 presented Sam's vocals a bit smoother compared to the more upper mid-range energy from the Euclid, which gave Sam's vocals a bit more presence and bite during some of his verses. 

Both IEMs have satisfying tonality for the piano keys with each inner displaying its take on the lower piano keys and sub-bass regions a little differently. 

The IE 900 is my preference for the way it scales on the track, finding the bass regions verbally. I also noticed that piano keys have more energy from the Euclid in the upper registries than the IE 900.

The most significant standout differences on this track for me were the intimacy of Sam's vocals from the Euclid and the more upper mid-range energy when listening to the Euclid. I enjoyed both IEMs, however, if you'd like a smoother upper mid-range, which can be helpful with Sam’s vocals, then the IE 900 is a solid choice but if you enjoy a bit more upper mid-range energy and vocal presence the Audeze Euclid may be the way to go. 

The next song I use to review each IEM was Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. The tonality of the IE 900 impresses me with Stevie's vocal sounding just exceptional along with the other vocalists on the track. 

The cymbals are ever present and balanced by the pop of the drums with one of the best soundstage presentations I have heard from the IEM at this price point. 

The dynamics are also superb. The drums have an appropriate weight and punch when listening to the IE 900. I also enjoyed Audezes take on the track. Again the vocalists present a bit more intimately with a bit more energy in the upper mids from the Euclid. However, there is a bit less definition for the bass regions and treble regions when compared to the IE 900. 

Tonally, the vocals again sound just a touch warmer with you but still have that upper mid-range edge that gives them a bit more presence on the mix. This will come down to your personal preferences as with all things in audio. 

One of my favorite female vocalists is Lana Del Rey. So I chose the track Love next. 

Euclid presents a thunderous amount of base for the baseline of this track with Lana’s vocals appropriately placed centerstage and clearly defined from everything on the track, which is exactly what I want to hear. 

As with the other tracks, the highest notes of Lana’s vocals tend to have a bit more zing from the Euclid. Listening to the IE 900, the soundstage immediately expands sounding more dimensional with the baseline tightening up and sounding more dynamic when it hits. 

Lana’s vocals also lose that upper mid-range edge. I was hearing her vocals also lose a bit of warmth I heard from the Euclid. 

Tonally, the IE 900 sound is more accurate to my ears as you would expect with most dynamic driver headphones and from Sennheiser known for their legendary timber. 

Next up was Yo-Yo Ma’s Prelude from the Six Evolutions Bach: Cello Suites album. Listening to this track and the upper mid-range definition from Euclid plays well with this track displaying the cello beautifully along with slightly more detail and information from Yo-Yo Ma’s magical hands. 

The Euclid also displays a bit more lower-end information from the cellos on his track that seems unable to be reproduced as clearly from the IE 900, likely due to the planar magnetic tech being able to dip lower. 

While l I think both were enjoyable to listen to, the planar magnetic Euclid would be my go-to on this track. 

One of my favorite new artists, thanks to TSAV Jason, is Snarky Puppy. The incredible track Lingus shows off the dynamics of the IE 900 almost making me jump from the start of the song. 

The soundstage also sounds brilliant, producing wide accurate dimensional states with superb instrument placement. The Euclid does a formidable job defining and separating instruments on the track with less dynamic slam and a more intimate soundstage. 

Subtle details at times can be more easily heard and defined from the Euclid on the track, especially ones that land in the upper mids with the caveat that the horns also sound a bit harsher in the upper registries from the Euclid. 

Finally, the next track I listened to was Lebanese Blonde from Thievery Corporation. Tonally, the IE 900 gets it right on this track. From the opening sitar to the dynamic punch of the baseline to the beautiful vocals on this remastered version from the symphonic album. 


So which IEM should you get? I encourage you to come down to our store if you can and give both a listen, side by side with your amp and DAC if possible to get a feel for what signature you prefer. 

For me on sound quality and comfort, I prefer the IE 900s. I also really liked how the Euclid has a Bluetooth cipher module, a more durable carrying case, and more options regarding tips that are included.

All of us from TSAV hope you enjoyed this article looking at my experiences comparing these two excellent in-ears. We hope this information we shared helps you determine which one might be a good fit for you. 

Until next time friends, remember to let the music be your guide!

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