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Sony ES - SA-Z1


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Enjoy astonishingly faithful sound reproduction that’s definitively clear and expressive. The Sony SA-Z1 speaker delivers the subtle nuances of every track with an incredibly rich near-field listening experience. Engineered in an effort to achieve ultimate sonic resolution and raw, live expression, the SA-Z1 creates a uniquely exquisite audio experience for music lovers.

The pinnacle of near field listening:

The SA-Z1 is meticulously crafted to sit on your desk and provide you with a reference listening experience, whatever your choice of music. Play music from your laptop or PC, hook up your Walkman or Xperia, or use with a dedicated digital music player.

Sony expertise in precision-engineered powered speakers:

The SA-Z1 brings together Sony's legendary audio expertise, with first-of-its-kind custom componentry and benchmark audio technologies. Thanks to a trio of accumulated acoustic, electronic and signal processing technology, SA-Z1 recreates music with exceptional presence and coherence.

Feature Set Includes:
* Precise driver time-alignment with custom FPGA architecture
* Coaxial layout drivers work as wide-range single driver unit
* I-ARRAY™ tweeters, for up to 100-kHz frequency response and wide directivity
* Horizontally opposed woofers and side ducts for wide and deep sound stage
* D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit with GaN power device