Sonus Faber - The Sonus Faber SE17

Color: Wenge

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We can talk about a revolution.

The Sonus faber is the “non plus ultra” of a dream. A concentrate of experience, intuitions, hard work and design that finds its meaning in rendering the music more vivid, natural and captivating. A Sonus faber has never been previously designed considering such a multitude of “points of view”. Besides the variety of solutions, the result exceeds the sums of the elements involved. A design that re-echoes a know-how as old as music, together with a vision of what will come. An authentic the Sonus faber.

The lyre: between inspiration and functionality.
The “lyre” is the instrument par excellence of drama, and it is also a reference to the “lyre” shape. I was inspired by this fascinating instrument, together with musical references and universal myths such as the sphynx, with its air of mistery. Nothing in this object was left to fate; each individual part expresses a concept and has a precise function; in terms of sound genesis, its neutrality, a formal expression of quality. An important task, which has led to creating a starting point for a new generation of products.

The new projects add the target of accurate reproduction of “silence” to the metaphor of the musical instrument. “Silence” means the elimination of all vibrations and spurious sounds that contaminate the purity of music. Here metal and the way to shape it come into play. Metal, from “avional” to “gun metal”, is dealt with using

The double walls in okoume plywood with dual curvature are uncoupled by a “constriction damped” visco-insulating layer. The dual curvature increases rigidity compared to techniques used in the past, while the dampening eliminates the last traces of resonance.

The direct/indirect emission balance has been faced in an innovative way. Two totally independent loudspeaker systems collaborate in order to pursue the best balance between the direct field and the reverberating field.

The suspension system permits inhibiting the mechanical transmission of vibrations to the environment and consequently eliminates the creation of spurious resonance and sound feedback.

3.5 way, lyra shape design, state-of-the-art vibration cancellation optimized, sound field shaper variable geometry radiation, stealth reflex , loudspeaker system.

“Lyre shape” design, dual side curvature, special cross grained okumè plywood, used in a double thickness constriction layer damped configuration, has significant advantages compared to the single curvature variant used previously, in terms of low coloration. Sub–structural plywood ribs are strategically placed for total rejection of spurious vibrations and standing waves control. “Anima legata” system, based on two clamshells, i.e. CNC anodized machined avional “vibration conveyors” (on the top and on the bottom of the cabinet) that “collect” the remaining structural micro-vibrations coming from the cabinet walls and the transducers, like the parabola of an antenna. The two clamshells are rigidly connected by a special steel rod, a high speed mechanical interface, the  “Soul Pole”, that concentrates the micro-vibrations to the “Multiple Tuned Mass Damper”, a special custom device optimized to critically damp structural resonances, by oscillating in anti-phase. The enclosure is decoupled from the floor through a patent pending suspension system, eliminating any acoustic feedback and any vibration transmission to the listening room.

29 mm ultra dynamic linearity hybrid Neodymium/Samarium-Cobalt Larsen/Goeller ring radiator, viscoelastically decoupled from the main baffle board. Implemented with a natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, with a mechanical anti-resonator designed for this application.

180 mm cone neodymium magnet system driver with the 1.5” voice-coil of the “well hung” type chosen for the advantages of both the “under hung” and “over hung” designs. Special custom blend cone made of traditional cellulose pulp, papyrus and other natural fibers developed according to the most natural sound.The basket is thoroughly optimized to eliminate any resonance, fully CNC machined from solid billets of Avional and Gunmetal. The combination of the two different metals allows eliminating any mutual resonance. The same way as the tweeter, the midrange is decoupled from the main baffle board.

260 mm woofers with a “sandwich” cone structure, high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of coated cellulose pulp. Designed to blend perfectly with the special midrange, and at the same time to have absolute definition in their range: the sandwich structure with outer paper pulp skins has the same sonic character of the midrange cone. 3” voice-coils on Kapton former allow an unlimited dynamic performance and low hysteresis.

380 mm infra woofer sandwich cone structure with high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins in nano carbon fibre for maximum rigidity and light weight. 4” voice-coil optimized to have progressive damping, through the use of both Kapton and Avional in the former, to control the Lorentz currents proportionally to the excursion obtaining this way the tightest available lows. To perfectly match the low-end performance to different listening rooms it is possible to adapt the SPL of the infra woofer.

Special patented Sound Field Shaping technology allows the control of the direct/reverberant radiation of the Sonus faber. The sound field shaping module can be optimized in terms of azimuth and SPL.

29 mm ultra dynamic linearity neodymium ring radiator dome derivative driver. Optimized off-axis radiation for this special application.

120 mm neodymium hexadyne magnet system, paper pulp/papyrus/natural fiber cone driver, as used for the front midrange. It is a classic Sonus faber choice, a 4th generation derivative of the unit used on the original Minima.

Non-resonant progressive slope design, optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear and amplifier friendly performance. Maximum quality is used in terms of the components: mundorf Silver/Gold/oil capacitors, Jantzen Cross coil inductors.

- FREQUENCY RESPONSE 18Hz – 36000Hz, Stealth reflex included.
- SENSITIVITY 92 db spl (2.83V/1m).
- POWER HANDLING 100W - 1KW, without clipping.
- DIMENSIONS 1750 x 750mm x 785mm (hxwxD)
- WEIGHT 615 Kg per pair – net weight, 742 Kg per pair – shipping weight.

It was designed without compromise to be the very best
representation of the ideals, legacy and vision of the brand.


“Sonus faber is a dream of pure passion.
Research is the essence of the company.
The approach is scientific, but the goals are emotions and music.
The Sonus faber is the non plus ultra of our dream.
A concentrate of experience, intuitions, hard work and design
that finds its meaning in making the music more vivid, natural and captivating”.
Paolo Tezzon, Sonus faber R&D Manager.

Countless man-hours, several years of development and
the most advanced technologies were poured into it.
The result was beauty beyond expectation, an exquisite
expression of rich tradition and cutting-edge innovation.

3.5 way, sound field shaper variable geometry radiation, vibration cancellation optimized system, stealth reflex vented box, loudspeaker system.

Tw: Beryllium dome diaphragm, Ø 30 mm
Md: Neodymium Magnet System, Ø 180 mm
W: sandwich cone structure, high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of coated cellulose pulp, 2 x Ø 260 mm
Sw: sandwich cone structure with high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins in nano carbon fiber, Ø 380 mm

Tw: Neodymium dome driver, Ø 29 mm
Md: paper pulp/natural fiber blend cone driver, Ø 120 mm

80Hz – 250Hz – 2500Hz

18Hz – 36000Hz, Stealth reflex included

92 db spl (2.83V/1m)

4 ohm

100W – 1KW, without clipping

1750 x 750 x 785 mm
68,8 x 29,5 x 31 in

307 Kg ea – net weight
676 lb ea – net weight