McIntosh - MHA150 2-Channel Headphone Amplifier


The MHA150 Headphone Amplifier is a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed MHA100. The MHA150 contains the same performance standards, but now has the new 2nd generation d-to-a converter DAC that provides support for DSD and DXD files.

Like the MHA100, the MHA150 continues to take advantage of unique McIntosh tech to create the best personal listening experience. Our Autoformer™ technology found in our large mono & stereo amplifiers has been modified to produce three headphone impedance ranges of 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 Ohms. Now every headphone will receive the legendary McIntosh sound quality and performance.

The USB input accepts PCM signals up to 32-bit/384kHz, supports up to DSD256 along with DXD 352.8kHz & DXD 384kHz. Our proprietary MCT input has also been added too. When paired with the MCT80 SACD/CD Transport, it offers a digital DSD connection for playback of the HD audio on SACDs.