Grado - GS 1000E


The hand-crafted mahogany earpieces utilize an intricate curing process that optimizes the tonal quality while giving them a new look. The GS 1000e uses 50mm dynamic transducers & the new 12 conductor cable design. The new wood, driver, & cable designs result in tight control and stability of the upper / lower range of the frequency spectrum to support the GS 1000e's world renowned mid-range. It's cushion design actually creates a 'room' for the ears to sit, with a larger sound stage and greater spatial experience for the listener. It was most important to design the correct balance between the driver & the wood housing to give us the pure sound we crave. We believe the GS 1000e are one of the most comfortable headphones on the market today. It retains a sound that is pure Grado style, with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, premium dynamics, and a very smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep, and the music is very tight while non-fatiguing. All with stunning separation and layering of the music.