Final Audio - Type E Hi Res Eartip Master Pack


The earphone earpieces come in two types for you to choose from – silicon and foam.It is possible to achieve what could be termed a perfect fit, irrespective of the size of the wearer's auditory canal. There is a close relationship between the airtight level of the product, bass tones and sound insulation; depending on the earpieces chosen, it is possible to considerably change the bass volume and sound insulation. In particular, the foam type earpieces have sound insulation properties close to noise cancelling types.

available in: Clear/Red, Clear, Black, Brown, Blue Gray, White, Violet.

* With Type E (CLEAR red axis), the earbud is transparent, while the axis is red (to distinguish between sizes, the LL, M and SS sizes are pink). Compared to the black, the clear version of Type E differs slightly in terms of surface fluency and hardness, and the degree to which they are airtight changes slightly; owing to this, bass tones become a little lighter, high-pitched tones sound clear, and the sound tends toward clarity.