Final Audio - FI-BA-SST25


FI-BA-SST Uses a silver-coated OFC cable. Provides a subtle, soft, lingering sound field representation.
Achieves a rich, three-dimensional spatially expressed sound reproduction that is considered difficult with a balanced armature driver. Use a single-driver network less direct connection circuit. Using an extremely complex assembly process that can be performed at our own factory here in Japan, this flagship model unlocks the maximum potential of a single balanced armature driver. A polished sound with a natural process of expression. Two models have been developed, one with a 3.5 mm plug and the other with a 2.5 mm plug (3.5 mm: FI-BA-SST35, 2.5 mm: FI-BA-SST25).

Leather carry case, Silicon earpiece (E type 5 sizes, C type 3 sizes)

*Product code FI-BA-SST35/FI-BA-SST25
*Housing Machined stainless steel
*Driver Balanced armature
*Cable Silver-coated OFC cable (2.5mm, 4-pole / 3.5mm, 3-pole)
*Sensitivity 112dB
*Impedance 16Ω
*Weight 20g
*Cord length 1.2m