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Astell&Kern - Acro S1000 Open Box


Aluminum alloy enclosure for minimal resonance
Conventional speaker builds experience a struggle between the diaphragm of the driver unit and its enclosure. In order to get optimal performance, the faster a speaker diaphragm vibrates, the sturdier a speaker enclosure is required to house the driver unit.

Lighter weight enclosures can support the movement of a diaphragm, but sacrifice acoustic performance due to the vibrations experienced, which detracts from sound quality.

The ACRO S1000 uses a sturdy aluminum alloy metal enclosure to withstand the fast vibrations of its diaphragm. The aluminum alloy minimizes noise and undesirable vibrations, leaving nothing but the air movements captured in your music. The ACRO S1000 enclosure not only provides acoustic benefits, but it completes the aesthetically pleasing design.

A 2-Way speaker system complete with hand-built Danish ScanSpeak driver units

The ACRO S1000 uses Danish ScanSpeak driver units, a top choice of high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. This 2-way speaker system uses precise, hand-built driver units made by ScanSpeak, who has provided the highest standard speaker drives for over 40+ years. The ACRO S1000 will open up your sound stage.