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S-C (Black Gloss)

by Quad
2-Way Center Channel Speaker

Ribbon Center Speaker

Quad has always prided itself as presenting the complete solution to music enthusiasts. Each Quad component joins perfectly to other parts of the audio system & is designed with 1 target in mind – to be "The Closest Approach To The Original Sound".

Quad "S" Series loudspeakers achieve that purpose admirably. Engineered with a new ribbon treble unit aligned, through sophisticated crossover networks, to Quad’s advanced bass-midrange drivers, each & every loudspeaker in the range provides all the nuances & emotion of the original performance.

Available in 3-Colors (Black Oak, Sapele Mahogany, or Black Gloss)

Feature set includes:
* 2x4" Bass/Mid Driver
* 65Hz ~ 20kHz
* 8 Ohm Imp.
* 25-150w Rec.
* Grill Inc.