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RAI Solo

by Meze Audio
In-Ear Headphone

Refined electro-dynamic driver with UPM balanced piston membrane motion, encased in a well made & ergonomic sintered steel shell.

Rai Solo has been born from our vision to offer entry-level audiophiles a well built IEM at a great value. Featuring an ergonomic design, sturdy stainless-steel shell, refined dynamic driver, all for one purpose: captivating your senses through a pure listening experience.

In engineering the Rai Solo, we looked for a fun-neutral but well refined & controlled sound signature. The strongest correlation between the Rai Solo & the Rai Penta is the similar shape of the IEM.
The use of Metal Injection Moulding technology for the body of the Solo made it possible to have a very complex inner shape made in mass production with great precision.