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Explorer (Mahogany)

by Echobox
Digital Audio Player

Hi-Resolution Digital Audio Player (Mahogany)

This flask-shaped Hi-Res audio player will make your audio sound like you're standing right there in the studio.

Move over iPod, the Explorer is a groundbreaking portable HiFi DAP that puts the emotion back into listening on-the-go. Using pioneering D-to-A conversion technology, pluas a powerful 300mw amplifier, the Explorer enables you to experience your choice of music in the way the artist intended you to hear it.

Feature Set Includes:
* Texas Instruments "Burr Brown" 1792 DAC Chipset
* 100% Open-source Android 6.0 OS
* Hand-Crafted Genuine Solid Hardwood Body
* Wireless Connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA)
* 3.5mm Analog & Optical Outputs
* 64 GB Capacity internal
* MicroSD Card Slot For Added Storage Capacity