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Athena A1 (Demo)

by ENIGMAcoustics
2-Channel Tube Headphone Amplifier

Single-Ended Triode Vacuum Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

The Athena A1 is the 1st headphone amplifier from ENIGMAcoustics & is an audiophile’s dream. From the 3-dimensional sound stage it produces, to the unwavering way it articulates voices & instruments, the Athena A1 is a captivating & musical headphone amplifier.

Main Feature Set Includes:
* ECC82/12AU7 Triode Vacuum Tubes for Sonic Clarity & Low Noise
* Single-Ended Front End
* Solid & Yet Elegant Glass Design
* Drives Low & High Impedance Headphones
* One RCA / Unbalanced Input
* One 6.35mm Output

$2600.00   $1490.00