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Dharma D1000

by ENIGMAcoustics
Open-Back Headphone

Hybrid Electrostatic Stereo Headphones

There’s something unmistakably fascinating about electrostatics. Whether it’s loudspeakers or headphones, their ability to resolve inner detail, to remake music with instancy, transparency, & focus is unparalleled. Making use of an almost mass-less thin film membrane which they have long regarded as the Holy Grail, what it does is magic.

ENIGMAcoustics came into existence with that belief. And as a company faithful to electrostatic design, we made a declaration right out of the gate with our groundbreaking Sopranino electrostatic super tweeter. Its design, built around our patented SBESL™ (Self-Biased Electrostatic) technology, gets rid of the need for an external AC connection to provide a polarizing voltage.

This patented SBESL™ technology is executed now as a miniaturized work of art in the DHARMA Electrostatic/Dynamic Hybrid Stereo Headphone. The development, not unexpectedly, is a high frequency response that expands to 40kHz, plus sweet, refined, sound that will take your breath away. Augmenting the electrostatic HF element with lower frequencies is a 52mm Washi paper based dynamic driver, which provides not only bass extension to 5Hz, but distinguisably impactful mid bass as well. It transitions seamlessly to DHARMA’s electrostatic tweeter with a phase coherent first order slope.

At 450 grams, DHARMA is comfortable. It is also an ergonomic and stylish design featuring a high-grade aluminum alloy housing & sound that will envelope the listener in nothing less than electrostatic serenity.