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GET (HG or LG)

by Bluewave Audio
Portable Amp/DAC

24-bit. Wireless. Portable. Powerful.

With its compact, sophisticated design & robust amplification, GET is the ideal solution for music lovers wanting to use their wired headphones with the recent jack-less smartphones from Apple & others. You can enjoy the advantage of high quality sound with the practicality of wireless.

Feature Set Includes:
* 3.5mm Output Jack
* Integrated Mic
* Bluetooth 5.0
* Supports: SBC, MP3, AAC (IOS), AptX, AptX HD & more.
* Supports: EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
* Range: 10 meters
* Approx. 6 hours of continuous use
* Micro USB charging

Two Models Available (High Gain Output or Low Gain Output)