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Phonitor x (Red) (No DAC)

by SPL
Table Top Headphone Amplifier / Preamplifier

The Phonitor x is the pinnacle headphone amplifier. Thanks to VOLTAiR technology it powers headphones that are operated on both balanced/XLR & unbalanced/RCA playfully with up to 3.7 watts output.

The ingenious Phonitor Matrix delivers the most lifelike playback on headphones. As almost all music was recorded for speaker playback the Phonitor Matrix lets you experience music on headphones like it was being played back through actual speakers.

It is not just a headphone amplifier, but also an exceptional preamplifier that can drive power amplifiers in a home stereo or active monitors for studio recording.

Feature Set Includes:
* Dual power amp for balanced headphones
* Optimized Phonitor-Matrix
* Crossfeed
* Angle
* Preamplifier
* Remote Control
* AMP CTL (Amplifier Control)

Options Include:
* Internal DAC192
* Three Digital Inputs (1-Optical/1-Toslink/1-USB)