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Phonitor xe (Red) (With DAC)

by SPL
Table Top DAC/Amplifier

The Phonitor xe is the ultimate standalone device for headphone devotees who want the consummate solution without any trade-offs.

The unit is the first Phonitor headphone amplifier which can include the brand-new DAC768.

This optional internal Uber-DAC qualifies the Phonitor xe to convert with exceptional sonic performance. Supports playback of audio resolution up to 32bit/768kHz in addition to DSD256. The analog side of the converter is superb too just like in the Director DAC & Preamplifier. The active Lowpass-Filter is built in a 120V-Voltair-Technology design.

Features Include:
* Dual power amp for balanced (4-Pin) headphones
* Headphone outputs on front & back
* Optimized Phonitor Matrix
* Crossfeed
* Angle
* Remote Control

Phonitor xe + DAC:
* Optional Uber-DAC768 with DLP120
* Velvet Sound® DA converter
* Coaxial/SPDIF
* Optical/Toslink
* DSD over USB