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JH 11 Pro (Custom)

by Jerry Harvey
Earphone-Custom series

Touring has become a cornerstone since 2006. The JH11 uses dual small bass driver and precision tuning to prevent distortion from the equation.
Like all JH Audio brand listening devices, the JH11 offers-26dB of insulation eliminating phase volume and unwanted sound–critical for touring musicians and audiophiles alike. This extreme ability to block external frequencies enhances listening experience and decreases the potential for hearing damage.
Each JH11 is a distinctive hand-built design centered on special ear molds produced just for your eyes.


*Proprietary Precision-Balanced Armatures
*4 Driver configuration: Dual Low, Single Mid, Single High
*Dual Bore with Freqphase time|phase WaveGuide
*Input Connector: 1/8" (3.5mm), Gold-Plated
*Integrated 3-Way Crossover

*Frequency Response: 10Hz to 17kHz
*Input Sensitivity: 119dB @ 1mW
*Impedance: 18 Ohms
*Noise Isolation: -26dB