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Valhalla 2 - Reference Power Cable

by Nordost
Power Cable

Thanks to the implementation of our newest Dual Mono-Filament technology, our Valhalla 2 Power Cords set an unmatched margin of performance over the competition. The cable is made up of 7 solid, silver-plated 16 AWG OFC conductors, each suspended in a Dual Mono-Filament matrix. The detached solid core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots, & carbonization, which can occur in stranded cables. Unlike traditional power cables, which have propagation speeds that are less than 50% the speed of light, the Valhalla 2 Reference Power Cord has a speed of 91% the speed of light. Extruded FEP insulation used in V2’s construction is exceptional to all other materials. It has very low signal loss & high thermal efficiency, causing it to dissipate heat quickly. The use of FEP in a Dual Mono-Filament design build means that power is transferred more effectively, while the low resistance of the cable keeps power loss extremely low. The result... truly outstanding sound quality.

Cable Features:
* High purity class 1.1 extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
* Mechanically tuned lay, length and Dual Mono-Filament design
* 7 x 16 AWG
* Silver-plated 99.999999% solid core OFC

Custom Built, Many Lengths Available, Multiple Terminations:
* 20amp IEC
* 90 Degree IEC
* 90 Degree Wall
* Powercon