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Insight L8i

by Wisdom Audio
In-Wall Loudspeaker

The L8i benefits from the same core technologies & engineering elements of the Sage Series L75i packaged in a smaller & more flexible form. It combines application specific, state-of-the-art transducer elements in a way that takes full advantage of their inherent performance benefits.

It employs a 48” planar magnetic line source to replicate everything above 550 Hz & 8 exclusive 3”x5” woofers for the bass frequencies. The L8i’s 48" tall line source driver supplement allows for high resolution, low distortion & exceptional dynamic range. The result is highly detailed, dynamically accurate, simply effortless performance at any volume level.

Speaker Attributes:
* Line Source
* Eliminates floor & ceiling reflections
* Enhanced clarity
* More power over distance
* Two - 24" Planar Magnetic Drivers
* Eight High Power Woofers
* Highly Detailed & Dynamic
* Covers 6 Octaves of Clarity
* Light Weight Film PEEK